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Wine Club

Our Wine Clubs

Edio Vineyards Wine Club is designed with family in mind.  With each of us growing up in a large Italian family, we are dedicated to making our club members immediately feel like family.

For anyone that knew Edio, he was the life of the party and we would being doing him a disservice if we didn’t keep that excitement with a Wine Club honoring his namesake. 

With pick up parties for each release, large events, and exclusive access to our highly limited wines, you will not be disappointed in all our club has to offer. Join the club today and become part of the family! 

Member Benefits
  • Released 3x annually: February, June, and November
  • Discounts on wine, hard cider, and our bakery
  • Complimentary tastings during any visit
  • Olga & Aldo Clubs: Exclusive access to Commissioner wines
  • Access to club events

4 Bottle Club: Our entry-level club and a perfect way to get started with our wines.  $120-$140 per shipment in February, June, and November.

6 Bottle Club:  The perfect mid-level club to experience our farm. Access to Commissioner wines and family events. $220-$250 per shipment in February, June, and November.

12 Bottle Club: Our highest club benefits including full customization and access to Commissioner wines. $400-$440 per shipment in February, June, and November. 

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